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Collision Repair vs Collision Replacement

At Gillette Collision Repair Really Means Collision Repair

Collision repair centerMost collision repair shops opt to replace damaged components rather than repair them. Few shops have the skills of Gillette's Collision Center.

When a car has been damaged in a collision, most repair shops will estimate the repairs on replacing all the damaged parts. The replacement parts they use can come from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), from an aftermarket parts maker, or from a comparable car in a salvage yard.

Most car owners would prefer to have the damaged parts of their car replaced with OEM parts. However, insurance companies look to minimize the cost of the repair by only authorizing the use of aftermarket parts or salvaged parts. When possible, they will also authorize repair of the damaged parts.

If the damaged part is a non-structural part (like plastic bumpers, splash guards, and trim pieces), it is almost always better to repair it than to replace it with an aftermarket part. Not only is it less expensive, but the repair work can usually be completed in less time than replacing the part would take—and, of course, the quality of the OEM part is usually better than an aftermarket part. Often, aftermarket parts don’t fit properly, and they’re usually made with lower quality materials than OEM parts. In cases where the part is so badly damaged, it cannot be repaired, we’ll use OEM replacement parts wherever possible.

With the advances in repair technologies, it’s now possible to repair most plastic and fiberglass parts to exceptionally high standards. Gillette’s Collision Center has invested in some of the most advanced equipment available for repairing these materials, as well as the latest technologies for removing dents and dings from steel and aluminum. In fact, we are one of only a handful of independent body shops in Wisconsin to be certified by Ford to make repairs on the new aluminum body F-150.

In most cases, Gillette's Collision Center can repair damaged body parts faster than it would take to order and install a replacement part. More importantly, though, the repaired part will look as good as new. If you are not using your insurance company to cover the work, you’ll also appreciate the significantly lower cost of repaired parts versus replaced parts.

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