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Professional Windshield Repair Services in Waukesha County

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Windshield Repair and ReplacementWaukesha Windshield Repair

Driving with a cracked windshield is a safety concern. Thin spider cracks can spread over the entire windshield and obscure your vision. Or the window can shatter completely, exposing you and your passengers to the elements. Gillette’s Collision Center of Waukesha helps local drivers get the fast repairs they need when their vehicle glass is damaged. Contact our auto body experts today for a quote.

Windshield Repair vs Replacement

Gillette’s Collision Center provides repairs to damaged vehicle glass rather than more expensive and time consuming replacement. A complete window replacement is a last resort is the collision damage is too severe for traditional repairs. When our technicians examine the damage, we will go over your repair or replacement options.

Glass repairs to your windshield or rear windows need to be done as soon as possible after a collision. If the crack or chip interferes with your line of sight, you might get pulled over and cited for dangerous driving. The Wisconsin Vehicle Code rules are very clear:

Avoid an expensive fine or citation on your record and get a glass repair quote from Gillette’s Collision Center. Only drive if your visibility is not impaired by the windshield damage. Large spider cracks or chips in front of the driver’s seat mean your vehicle would be classified as not drivable.

Is it Safe to Drive with a Smashed Windshield?

Any vehicle with a smashed or shattered windshield is not safe to drive. Need to get your vehicle to Gillette’s? We have a trailer to pick up your vehicle for you! We do not use a tow truck, so no parts of your vehicle will drag on the ground. If your entire windshield is shattered, please call our auto body technicians for more information.

Vehicles with broken side windows or rear windshields are safe to drive temporarily, as long as they do not obscure driver vision.

Be VERY careful around any broken car window. Glass fragments are practically invisible to the naked eye. Accidentally touching a shard can lead to glass slivers under your skin. Wear gloves and long sleeves if possible when inspecting damage.

Winter Auto Glass DamageWindshield Repair

In Wisconsin, winter weather can leave glass vulnerable. A small crack or chip can fill with ice, which then melts and seeps further into the glass. When the vehicle is cold again the water freezes and causes the crack to grow. This can continue until the entire window shatters.

Professional glass repairs from Gillette’s Collision Center technicians will seal cracks so water cannot enter. It is far more affordable to have a small crack repaired now than have an entire windshield replaced.

Full Service Glass and Auto Body Repairs

Gillette’s Collision Center provides all the repairs your vehicle needs after a collision. Our experienced technicians handle everything from matching paint chips to fixing the frame. We’ll make it look like the collision never happened.

Gillette's Collision Center offers auto glass repair services for drivers in:

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