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Fiberglass Body Panel Repair in Waukesha

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Auto Body Restoration After an Accident

Fiberglass is made from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). As the name suggests, it bears more similarities to glass than metal since it does not rust or dent. Fiberglass panels are popular as a lightweight alternative to steel body panels. However, GRP shares vulnerabilities with glass and plastic. Collisions can cause fiberglass auto bodies to crack, chip, or shatter. Gillette’s Collision Center of Waukesha provides expert fiberglass auto body repairs.

Gillette's Collision Center offers fiberglass repair services for drivers in:

Avoid DIY Fiberglass Repair Kits

Repair kits are popular for the DIY crowd, but working with fiberglass auto repairs is a multi-step process. The instructions and materials provided with the kit can only do so much, especially when many specialized tools are not included. The repair has to be extremely precise to prevent mistakes with how to auto body looks and functions. Working with fiberglass directly can cause skin and lung irritation.

Fiberglass repair kits may work on small chips or cracks but won’t fix larger damage from collisions. Professional fiberglass repair from Gillette’s Collision Center provides long lasting results you won’t get from a kit. We’ll even match the paint perfectly so no one can tell where the collision damage was. A DIY kit can’t do that. Let our expert technicians repair your fiberglass auto body so you don’t have to.

Repairing Cars with Mixed Material Frames and Bodies

Fiberglass is often used in conjunction with other materials when manufacturing cars. The frame may be steel or aluminum while the siding is made of fiberglass. Some body shops can’t repair multiple materials.

Gillette’s Collision Center has the best auto repair technology possible. Our technicians are highly trained and factory certified with multiple brands. We work with all materials including fiberglass, steel, and aluminum. Whatever type of car you have, we can provide collision repairs to make your vehicle good as new.

Factory Authorized Fiberglass Repair


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