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Aluminum Body Repair Services in Waukesha

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Factory Certified Truck Frame Collision Experts

Affordable factory certified aluminum body repair is hard to come by. Vehicles with aluminum bodies and frames are becoming incredibly popular with consumers since the lightweight metal offers greater fuel efficiency. More and more car manufacturers are building with aluminum frames or bodies. Yet aluminum vehicles can still be damaged by collisions and not many body shops know how to work with this material. Turn to Gillette's Collision center for aluminum frame repair and factory authorized F-150 body repair.

Your Local Wisconsin Expert for All-Aluminum Truck Body Repairs

Many vehicle manufacturers are switching from steel or blended materials to full aluminum frames and bodies. The new Ford F-150 models are all-aluminum frames with the company is expected to continue developing more vehicles this way. Vehicle manufacturers using aluminum frames and bodies include:

While the use of aluminum is great for drivers, body shops need new certifications and training to work with the alloy. Gillette’s Collision Center is already fully trained and certified to work with aluminum. We have been repairing damaged aluminum vehicle frames and bodies for years. Our local Waukesha auto body experts know how to work with aluminum to provide the best repairs.

Common Problems with Aluminum Vehicle Repairs

In a collision, aluminum alloy is just as strong as other vehicle metals. While you may be safe, the accident will leave the frame or body in need of professional repairs. Gillette’s Collison Center technicians provide expert repairs for aluminum vehicle damage.

Gillette’s Collision Center has the right tools for working with aluminum frames and paneling. Aluminum panels are designed to fold in a certain way when impacted. These folds are not seen in steel vehicles. Our technicians are experienced in fixing aluminum frames and siding.

At Gillette’s Collision Center, we focus on making your entire vehicle look as good as new after a collision. Did the accident cause paint contamination? We’ll make sure the new paint matches exactly. Whatever collision-related repairs you need, we will do. When your vehicle is finished it won’t look like you just left a body shop, it’ll look like you just rolled off the lot.

Gillette's Collision Center offers aluminum body repair services for drivers in:

Mixed Material Vehicle Frame Repair

In addition to working with all-aluminum vehicle bodies, our collision experts handle mixed material repairs. Does your vehicle have a steel chassis but aluminum panel siding? We’ll fix it. We have worked with all makes, models, and brands of vehicles and factory certified by all the major brands. Bring your vehicle to Gillette’s Collison Center in Waukesha for all your post-collision repairs.



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